Monday, July 14, 2008

App Engine Community Update

Having spent the past two weeks tracking a hamster across America, creating collaborative pictures, and planning plenty of parties, I think it's time to get together another community update.

We were excited to find that one of our developers has started tracking App Engine performance, and hope to see more along these lines in the future. Developers continue to contribute information relating to the bulk loader, including an article that discusses UTF-8 and HandleEntity. And finally, Adobe AIR and Flex developers might be interested in this article about creating a photo application on Google App Engine.

Those of you who aren't content to just read may wish to get your hands dirty with some Open Source App Engine code. We've had 10 more additions to our Open Source project page, including projects that will interest all you Scrabble players, radio listeners, and RESTful developers.

Lastly, the forum discussion continues to keep pace, with topics that include IP geocoding, domain configuration, and continued discussion about the cap on indexed properties for an entity.

Keep letting us know what you've been up to!

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