Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wanted: App Engineers

You may have heard the news that 2011 is Google’s biggest hiring year yet. And the App Engine team is looking for a few great Software Engineers to join us in San Francisco to code, collaborate on innovative ideas for platform computing, and get burritos with us every Friday.

The App Engine team in San Francisco.

We think we have some of the best and most enthusiastic developers out there-- so we thought we’d ask you to come work with us. The App Engine team needs talented developers to help build the platform by developing the features on our road map and issue tracker, as well as that amazing feature idea you have that will revolutionize App Engine for our users.

If you are a backend engineer who is experienced with C++ or Java, lives and breathes distributed systems, and is obsessed with scalability, please visit our jobs website to submit your resume along with a cover letter describing your experience with App Engine. We’ll be in touch if we think your experience matches our open positions.

Thanks for continuing to help make App Engine a great platform!


Aarón said...

maybe I don't comply with the requirements for the job, but... can I have burritos with you every friday? hehe.

Sachin said...

I'll bring my lunch box, even on friday. Let me know, if I can be a part of the team :)

wingi said...

Is there an app engine team in zurich? Why is python not on the wanted list?

Ratnavel Subramanian said...

U guys will never need a mech engineer without any of those knowledge will you?

osasseville said...

I love google app engine and i love burrito. <3