Tuesday, August 21, 2012

App Engine 1.7.1 Released

If there were an Olympic coding event, we have no doubt that the gold medal winner could be found amongst the App Engine developer community. So today we’ve got a new release out so you can hone your skills just in case they are needed in Rio in 2016.

App Admin
  • Usage Report Download - We’ve added the ability to download the past 90 days of your application’s usage reports as a CSV file.
  • Namespaces in the Memcache Viewer - The Admin Console now supports retrieving memcache values that are stored in a non-default namespace.

  • Appstats updates - We’ve included a few new things in appstats with 1.7.1. You can now view RPC cost information in appstats. We’ve also added an interactive console which lets you trigger and then examine an RPC call for real-time debugging.
  • PyCrypto 2.6 support - We’ve included the latest version of PyCrypto as an option for third party libraries in Python 2.7.


DataNucleus App Engine Plugin 2.1.0 - We’re excited to announce that with the latest upgrade we’re making V2 of the DataNucleus plugin fully supported. V2 adds support for JPA 2 and JDO 3, and this point release contains a variety of bug fixes. You can see the full list here.

Appstats Analytics Trusted Tester
We are looking for early Python and Java Trusted Testers to try a new interactive visualization tool for troubleshooting and tuning application performance. If you are interested in trying out this new tool please sign up here.  

We’ve updated the way URLFetch handles multiple headers in response to one of our public issues. When a response contains the same header multiple times, these values will now be returned as a list.

Conversion API Decommission

We are decommissioning the experimental Conversion API as of our November release. Please begin exploring alternative document conversion mechanisms.

The complete list of features and bug fixes for 1.7.1 can be found in our release notes (Java, Go, Python). For App Engine coding questions and answers check us out on Stack Overflow, and for general discussion and feedback, find us on our Google Group.

Attention App Engine experts: Interested in helping new businesses and enterprise customers be successful with Google Cloud Platform? Check out our job posting for Solution Architects. We are also hiring technical writers in Mountain View and San Francisco to document cool new App Engine features and engage with the community to broaden the impact of Google's cloud offerings.


Unknown said...

Very excited to see that PyCrypto was bumped up. :D

Zmirc said...

Very happy about JPA 2.
Good job. Keep going.

Lukas Ĺ alkauskas said...

awesome !

Unknown said...

Great work, but the one thing App Engine needs is backup per namespace. Please add that in the near future.

t-unit said...
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Roberto said...

Please, do I really have to use ANT to use JPA 2??

Unknown said...

what was the reason with the conversion api? not enough usage? too expensive to run?