Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Integrate Voice and SMS with Twilio on Google Cloud Platform

Have you ever wanted to integrate SMS or voice communications into your app? We’ve been working with our friends over at Twilio to make it easier to do so. Today we’re announcing native Python and Java libraries for working with Twilio APIs onto Google Cloud Platform.

Lots of apps on App Engine have already been built with phone functionality. Check out the sample code for a group messaging app and the sample code for an app that dispatches voicemails and SMS messages to PagerDuty. Learn how to send business cards via sms through this step by step guide.

You can start building voice and SMS features into your App Engine apps today. Together with Twilio, we’ll help you get started with 2,000 free text message or voice minutes.

Ready to get started?
  1. Sign up for App Engine.
  2. Get your Twilio account and 2,000 free text message or voice minutes.

Here’s a quick peek at how easy it can be to send a text message from App Engine using Python. After installing the Twilio library, it just takes a few lines of code to send an SMS.

-Posted by Robert Do, Product Marketing Manager


Kyle said...

When should we expect to see a native GO library for this?

Prashant S Akerkar said...

Building Anti Spam SMS Filters


Similar to Anti Spam Email Filters, Is it possible to build Anti Spam SMS Filters ?.

i.e. Similar to having inbox, outbox, drafts, send messages folder can we also have a Spam folder where the Spam SMS Messages are redirected to SMS Folder and not Inbox messages folder ?.

There are many chances for sending bulk sms which are Spam SMS. If there is Anti Spam SMS Filter designed and developed for cellphones, smartphones, this SPAM SMS will be redirected
automatically to SPAM Folder, instead of messages redirecting to inbox folder.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar