Wednesday, June 25, 2008

App Engine Community Update

Over the past two months we've seen the App Engine community do some exciting things. To highlight community participation, we'll be posting regular App Engine community updates.


Below are some of the more popular ones we've seen:

  • Wordle - Create word clouds for user provided text
  • Guess-a-Sketch - Fans of Pictionary will love this sketching-guessing game!
  • BuddyPoke - An OpenSocial application for interacting with your friends

Developer Articles

Many developers have written useful articles tutorials about App Engine. This week, we published our first externally written article on the App Engine developer pages Configuring Eclipse on Windows to Use With Google App Engine. Below are some other contributions we've found out there on the world wide web:

Open Source Projects

Recently, we invited developers to list their Open Source projects on our group's pages. So far, we have 14 projects - these range from App Engine utility libraries, web frameworks, Open Source applications, and even an HTTP implementation of Map Reduce. Please continue to let us know what you are working on!

App Engine Group

Lastly, discussion continues to thrive on our Google group. Recently popular threads include discussions on full text search, session management, downloading apps, and executing common functionality before serving a request.

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