Friday, August 22, 2008

A couple datastore updates

We've updated other parts of the system before, so it's time for the datastore to ante up with its own improvements. There may not be any big surprises, but we still hope you'll enjoy the new features we've included!

First up is batch writes. You can now include entities in different entity groups in a single db.put() or db.delete() call. Entity modifications are only atomic within each entity group, but a single call that spans entity groups will be more efficient than a call for each group, which was required before.

Also, in our next upcoming release, indexes with a single repeated property will be supported. For example:

Kind: Post
 - name: tag
 - name: tag

These indexes can be useful in a few different cases; see Queries and Indexes for more discussion.

As usual, be sure to update your SDK and check the release notes for a full list of changes. If you have feedback or questions, feel free to mention them on the group!