Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Deep Dish on the App Engine Developer Community

I've returned from the App Engine hack-a-thon in Chicago a Superfan of the App Engine community. We had lots of fun meeting App Engine developers, but why let me tell you about it? A couple of attendees wrote great summaries of the day: A Ruby on Rails developer giving Python a whirl, and a developer who worked on testing with App Engine. We saw people working on iPhone apps, OpenSocial and App Engine, and even a chat application! See the pictures below:

While I was away I kept up with all the App Engine goings on with a little help from a spy, and it's nice to know that I can exclaim my whereabouts while I'm gone using Harper Reed's and Aaron Salmon's excellent app!

Many developers are finding PyDev + Eclipse a great way to develop on App Engine, and IBM's developerWorks has a great article on creating mashups doing just that.

Submissions for our Open Source page continue apace, with the newest contributions for fans of REST, microblogging, and reCAPTCHAs.

Enjoy the heat!

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