Thursday, February 12, 2009

The sky's (almost) the limit! "High CPU" is no more.

We're very excited today to announce that we've raised limits on several App Engine operations:

  • No more "High CPU Requests"! App Engine Apps were once allowed no more than 2 CPU-intensive requests per minute. We've made some adjustments to the way we handle requests, and have eliminated this limitation altogether. To learn more about how this works and the implications for your app, see our documentation.
  • Response deadline raised to 30 seconds. The amount of time an App Engine app can take to respond to an incoming request has been raised from 10 to 30 seconds! There are limits on the number of simultaneous active requests an application can process at any given moment--see our docs to learn more.
  • Size limits on code files, static files, and requests/responses raised to 10MB! App Engine apps can now receive requests and send responses of up to 10MB in size, and users can upload 10MB code and static files as well. Note that API requests (e.g. memcache.set(), db.put()) are still limited to 1MB in size.

These changes were inspired and driven by a great deal of developer feedback, and we're not done! Please let us know what you'd like to see next on App Engine in our Google Group!

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