Thursday, June 11, 2009

App Engine @ Google I/O goodness for all to enjoy

Back in April when we launched Java support, we gave the first 10,000 developers who signed up access to the new runtime. In case you haven't heard, we recently announced at Google I/O that App Engine for Java signup is now open. We're excited to see more developers joining our community!

For those who missed Google I/O or want a refresher on the sessions, the videos are now posted online. From building a complex and scalable app on App Engine to offline processing, there are a lot of things to learn from these sessions. You can find a more detailed write up of the App Engine sessions in this post to the Google Code Blog, but here's the complete list:
Apart from the sessions, we also had a Developer Sandbox featuring App Engine partners and customers. We got a chance to interview and ask many of them to share their experience developing on App Engine. Check out these video interviews to get more insight to App Engine:
Last but not least, we've also made available the handy Python cheat sheet we gave out during Google I/O. You can download it here. We want to thank our partners and the App Engine developer community for a fantastic Google I/O 2009! It was great meeting those of you who were there. We look forward to the next year!

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