Thursday, October 15, 2009

App Engine SDK 1.2.7 - Bugfix Release for Python

Due to two issues introduced in the 1.2.6 release of the Python SDK, we are releasing version 1.2.7 today. This is a bugfix-only release with just a few minor changes (no new features or functionality); all users of App Engine for Python should upgrade to the new version, available on our Downloads page.

The two issues were:

  • The 1.2.6 release added a key argument to the Model class constructor that broke subclasses who were calling the constructor's private arguments with positional (not named) values. The fix is to restore the original ordering, and require that the new key argument be specified as a named argument only.
  • The 1.2.6 release broke an interaction between remote_api and the local development app server.

Both are now fixed in 1.2.7.

There is no corresponding release for the Java language version of App Engine (the Java SDK remains at 1.2.6).

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