Friday, October 2, 2009

Build a Voice App in the Cloud and Enter the Twilio + App Engine Developer Contest

This week, Google App Engine and Twilio challenge you to build voice or voice-enhanced applications hosted on App Engine that use Twilio's voice application API to make and receive phone calls. Submit your app by October 4th to win a Dell Netbook from Twilio and $1000 of App Engine hosting credit from Google.

Twilio hosts a telephony in the cloud web service, allowing web developers to build scalable, reliable voice communications applications on web hosting platforms like Google App Engine. Put Twilio and App Engine together and you can build voice applications with features, scalability, and reliability that companies used to spend millions for.

What Are Voice Apps?

Voice apps can be as sophisticated as an airline flight status hotline or a company PBX, or as simple as getting the weather by phone. For inspiration, check out what previous contest winners have built:

Tips on Getting Started

Contest Details

Where to Submit:
Deadline: October 4th at MIDNIGHT (Pacific Time)
Prize: 1 Dell Netbook from Twilio and $1000 in Google App Engine hosting credit

Questions? Drop us a line at

Guest Post by Danielle Morrill, Director of Marketing, Twilio

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