Thursday, December 3, 2009

App Engine SDK 1.2.8 Released Including New Admin Console features

The App Engine team has been hard at work tackling our the issues on our tracker, tweaking APIs and closing bugs. In addition to a ton of bug fixes, 1.2.8 also includes:

Enhanced Admin Console - Users will notice new tools for managing tasks and queues created with the Task Queue API, and more visibility into index processing.

Improved Java Compatibility - This release adds support for new filter operators and inheritance to JPA and JDO as well as support for JAXB, the single most requested feature for the Java SDK.

This was also the first release we "previewed" with developers before formally rolling out changes. Thanks very much to all the developers that gave us feedback on the preview release. And if you're interested in helping with future prereleases, please subscribe to the discussion groups to see preview release announcements.

1.2.8 is now available for both Python and Java developers. Take a look at our release notes for details on all the changes included in this release.

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