Wednesday, May 19, 2010

App Engine goes to work with App Engine for Business

App Engine has a storied history at Google I/O. Two years ago, we launched Google App Engine to at the inaugural I/O. It’s been two amazing years for App Engine and we’re very excited to be back at this year’s third annual I/O with the announcement of Google App Engine for Business. Google App Engine for Business lets organizations build and maintain their applications on the same scalable architecture that powers Google applications, with added management and support features tailored specifically for the enterprise.

Google App Engine for Business introduces a number of new features that our enterprise customers have been asking for, including:

  • Centralized administration: A new, company-focused administration console lets you manage all the applications in your domain.
  • Reliability and support: 99.9% uptime service level agreement, with premium developer support available.
  • Secure by default: Only users from your Google Apps domain can access applications and your security policies are enforced on every app.
  • Pricing that makes sense: Each application costs just $8 per user, per month up to a maximum of $1000 a month. Pay only for what you use.
  • Enterprise features: Coming later this year, hosted SQL databases, SSL on your company’s domain for secure communications, and access to advanced Google services.

With these new features, we’re making it easier for businesses to take advantage of the core benefits of Google App Engine: easy development using languages you already know (Java and Python); simple administration, with no need to worry about hardware, patches or backups; and effortless scalability, automatically getting the capacity you need when you need it.

Google App Engine for Business is currently in preview, opened to a limited number of enterprises. Learn more about App Engine for Business, how you can sign-up, and check our roadmap to follow features as they become available.

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John Francis said...

A question: Is the $8 for every user in the domain or will the administrator be able to restrict the app and its pricing to limited users?