Thursday, July 8, 2010

Upcoming App Engine conference appearances

Fresh from our exciting news from Google I/O last quarter (launch of Google App Engine for Business and new product developments), we now look ahead to the mid-summer months. Since I/O, we've already appeared at a number of events including the Google DevFest Australia and Philippines, PyCon AU, and the Malaysia Open Source Conference, with many more coming this month. There are several well-known large conferences (and many smaller ones too) that our team members will be attending and/or speaking at, so hopefully we'll get to meet you at one of them!

In addition to the ones listed above, Google will be hosting more DevFests in Asia and South America later this year. Keep an eye out for specific dates and locations on the Google DevFest home page. There are also 5 larger global Google Developer Day events in the fall. We would love to meet with App Engine developers at a DevFest, Developer Day, or any of the other conferences above!

See you around the world!

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