Monday, August 30, 2010

App Engine 1.3.7 SDK Bugfix Release

Last week we announced our 1.3.6 release with lots of new, exciting features to try out. After it was released, developers dug into all the new functional and discovered a pair of issues that required a quick fix. Today we are releasing version 1.3.7 of the SDK in both Java and Python to fix two issues that shipped with last week’s release 1.3.6.

The first issue was with the Python SDK, which was missing the functionality to assign a namespace based on the Google Apps domain. With this release the function google_apps_namespace() should exist and function as documented.

The second issue we fixed was with the Java SDK. The getServingUrl() function for the new dynamic image resizing service was throwing a SecurityException in the SDK. This issue has now been fixed and this function should work as expected.

Thank you to all the people who reported these issues. Please visit the download page to get the new version of the SDK.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the quick fixes!

Unfortunately the Eclipse Plugin(GAE/J) still redirect to 1.3.6. I will try later.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the quick turn around

Unknown said...

As anybody been successful with the integrated OAuth feature? I keep getting "oauth.OAuthRequestError" exception thrown even when I have a valid "access token".

Azlan Abdul Aziz said...

Cool features!

Like Rafael, I tried to upgrade using Eclipse but it still redirect to 1.3.6.

Webacle Technologies Ltd said...

Fresh from .NET now launching my talents in the Open Source Society.
Google and Linux..... Give me a Hug!

Unknown said...

Hi my friends, I had a appspot account but I deleted it today,because I want to create appspot account use another google account with my phone number,but sadly,it show me "The phone number has been sent too many messages or has already been used to confirm an account." as same as before,could you help me and tell me how to do,thank you very much.