Friday, December 17, 2010

Check out the Humble Indie Bundle #2

Last year, we featured a guest post by Jeffery Rosen, of Wolfire Games about the Humble Indie Bundle, an awesome promotion for a good cause: spreading awareness of indie games, and supporting charity. For 12 days, you could name your own price for a bundle of awesome independent games, with proceeds split as you wish between the game developers and two deserving charities, Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They hosted the Bundle on App Engine, to great effect - read the original blog post to learn more.

The good news is, they're doing it again, with the same App Engine infrastructure, and a new set of games! There's only 4 days left, so be sure to check them out if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. They are doing great job. In fact, I would request all game vendors to do the same. Its a wonderful way to kill piracy :)