Wednesday, May 11, 2011

App Engine at I/O 2011, Day 2

Good morning I/O-ers and welcome to day two! We hope you got a chance to see all of the great sessions on day one and, if you missed our big announcements from yesterday, take a look at all the great features in 1.5.0 including Backends and our plans for App Engine to leave preview later this year.

We’ve got a great set of sessions lined up for day two including updates on our progress with Full-text Search and MapReduce. We’ve also got two great sessions on a subject close to developers’ hearts: reliability.

Under the Covers with the High Replication Datastore - At 10:45 am, we jump into the internals of the High Replication Datastore (HRD), explaining how it works, how it differs from the Master/Slave configuration, and why developers love it. Now that HRD is the default configuration and cheaper to use, come find out what you’re missing.

Life in App Engine Production - At 3:00 pm, come meet the team wearing the pagers so you don’t have to, App Engine’s Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). In this session, they’ll give you a view of what life behind the scenes is like and why you should concentrate on your application and let the SREs take care of keeping the lights on. Learn how building on App Engine means your application gets its very own Devops team.

For those of you that couldn't make it to I/O this year, don’t stress. While we wish you were here, the I/O video team will soon have videos of all our sessions available so you can catch up from the comfort of your own home. We’ve even captured a few of our Developer Sandbox companies so you’ll get the full experience!


mattkrae34 said...

Any way to see the full text search session online or get more details on what was presented?

Ben said...

Is there anyway to estimate how much charges for existing apps would move up or down under the new regime?

Chandana Napagoda said...

this has been released yet or not?