Monday, June 20, 2011

App Engine 1.5.1 Release

It’s been about a month since Google I/O 2011, so we thought it was time for another release. This month we are releasing ProtoRPC as an official Python API, making the High Replication Datastore (HRD) available in the SDK to help developers better understand the consistency model, adding presence to the Channel API, plus a few more goodies. Check them out below:

Serving Changes

  • Geolocation Header: App Engine will now include a header with every client request that represents a best-effort attempt to identify the country from which the request originated. This header, “X-AppEngine-country,” can allow you to customize content based on the origin of the user. We hope this means no more “Select your location” drop downs for users!

Updated Java and Python APIs

  • Channel API (Presence Support): You can now configure an inbound service for your application to detect user presence for the Channel API. This lets you take an action when a user connects or disconnects from the Channel.
  • Images API (WebP Support): The Images API now supports WebP images. If you haven’t checked it out, WebP is a new image format that Google open sourced earlier this year which provides lossy compression for images and can be up to 39% smaller than JPEG images of a similar quality!

New Python APIs

  • ProtoRPC: ProtoRPC is an open source framework for creating a well defined and easy to use web-based RPC service. While ProtoRPC is similar to using Google Protocol Buffers to define services, the goal of ProtoRPC is to make it easy for developers to start defining web based services, while still allowing those services to scale and evolve over time.


  • High Replication in the SDK: Since releasing the High Replication Datastore, we’ve wanted to provide tools that help developers understand and test the new consistency model while developing their applications. The 1.5.1 SDKs for Java and Python can now emulate the HRD consistency model. This means that now, by setting the appropriate SDK config options, queries across entity groups will occasionally return results that don’t reflect the most recent data written. This should allow you to develop your application to be more resilient to this consistency model.

As with all releases, 1.5.1 contains some additional small features and many bugfixes, the full list of which is available in our release notes for Python and Java. Hopefully you’ll find this release useful. Either way feel free let us know what you think by posting in the App Engine group.



Siddharth Kulkarni said...

That's super good, thanks Google.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update.
Two comments: release note date is the same as for 1.5 and the automatic update in the mac osx launcher does not find the update automatically.

Jonas said...

I don't get where you put the "callbacks" for the channel api. Did you already update the doc?

Florian said...

Please add a X-AppEngine-city or X-AppEngine-area header in the next SDK. I think, this could become a paid feature.

ACP said...

This is awesome! :D

+1 "Please add a X-AppEngine-city or X-AppEngine-area header in the next SDK."