Monday, September 12, 2011

App Engine 1.5.4 SDK Release

It’s been a busy four weeks for us (you may have heard), but we are still on track with our new monthly release schedule. Today we have new SDKs for you, with some new features as well as some bug fixes.

Overall Changes

  • Blobstore API - We’ve introduced an option to specify a limit on your blob upload size. This feature will allow you to expose blob uploads to your users, while still being able to ensure that their uploads won't exceed your preferred limits.
  • Datastore Query Improvements - We’re also continuing our theme from the past few releases to tune our Datastore query planner to give users more flexibility. Starting with 1.5.4, queries with equality filters on multiple properties will now continue scanning up to the 30 second Datastore query deadline. Many of these queries that used to generate an error due to inefficient indexes will now succeed.
  • Datastore Write Ops in the SDK - In response to the feedback from our recent Side By Side Bills release, we are now displaying the number of write ops needed to store an entity in the SDK dataviewer. Write ops include both the entity write as well as the index writes that are executed when an entity is added. You can always reduce the number of write ops by turning your indexed properties into unindexed properties, just make sure you don’t reference those properties in any of your queries! (Java, Python).


  • Prospective Search API - We’ve released the experimental Java version of our Prospective Search API. Prospective Search lets you detect and take action on datastore entities that match certain criteria when they are written.


  • Memcache - You can now make calls asynchronously with the Memcache API. With Asynchronous Memcache, your application does not need to block on calls to the Memcache API and can continue processing a request instead of waiting for a response from Memcache. Fear not Java friends, we’ll have matching functionality for you in an upcoming release.

Full release notes can be found in the usual location (Java, Python), and we’re always listening for your feedback in the groups. Happy coding!


Anonymous said...

ok, What about the SSL ? is still on the deck ? Was it ever ?

Jon W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon W said...

I just started using the AppEngine SDK for Go. This is a very exciting project, thanks for all your hard work!

(I thought I was getting an error due to the new SDK version, but it was actually just user-error: I was not correctly specifying the directory argument to )

Dave said...

Thank you for these changes. However, why don't you display datastore write ops in the live dataviewer? I'd help a lot. Thanks.

rc said...

+1 on SSL, been waiting so long...

Anonymous said...

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