Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall 2011 App Engine events

Buenos días desde Buenos Aires!! Wow, we are just blazing through the summer! We had an exciting Google I/O in May where we saw the launch of the Go runtime, introduction of the Backends feature, and confirmed Google's commitment to the platform with our plans to leave preview mode, not to mention the five releases since that time. We then hit the road this summer with team members appearing around the globe, including mega events like the Cloud Computing Expo, EuroPython, and OSCON.

At Google I/O, many App Engine team members gave in-depth technical sessions. Alfred Fuller, an App Engine Datastore engineer, revealed how the High Replication datastore gives greater reliability and availability for users. Michael Handler, one of App Engine’s talented Site Reliability Engineers, discussed how App Engine works in production. At OSCON, the largest open source event in the world, yours truly gave a three-hour App Engine overview and workshop to help new users get up to speed, and earlier in the year at PyCon, described how Python users can avoid “vendor lock-in” via the Django-nonrel project by porting their applications from webapp to Django, allowing them to move on to or off of App Engine as they please with only minor configuration changes. We participate in events like these because we like to communicate with users to find out what they like & don’t like about the platform, and we often take their suggestions to heart!

This fall we have a full schedule, appearing at many developer events worldwide, including Google Developer Days and Google DevFests. At the Google events, we'll recap App Engine and those announcements we made at I/O, and you’ll learn how to build exciting applications using App Engine and other Google cloud technologies as well as how to build games in the cloud. Here are the dates, events, and locations that we will be visiting:

Fall 2011
Sep 19-20 - Google Developer Day Argentina - Buenos Aires - Wesley Chun, Chris Schalk
Sep 19-23 - Strata - New York - Chris Schalk
Sep 23-24 - PyCon Argentina - Junín - Wesley Chun
Sep 26-30 - Congresso Brasileiro de Software - São Paulo - Wesley Chun
Sep 29-Oct 1 - Python Brasil[7] - São Paulo - Wesley Chun
Oct 8-9 - Silicon Valley CodeCamp - Los Altos Hills - Wesley Chun
Oct 10 - Google Developer Day Russia - Moscow - Iein Valdez, Fred Sauer
Oct 18 - Google Developer Day Czech Republic - Prague - Iein Valdez, Fred Sauer
Oct 20 - Google DevFest France - Paris - Iein Valdez, Johan “Proppy“ Euphrosine
Nov 1 - Google Developer Day Japan - Tokyo - Takashi Matsuo, Johan “Proppy“ Euphrosine
Nov 8 - Google Developer Day Australia - Sydney - Chris Schalk, Johan “Proppy“ Euphrosine
Nov 12 - Google DevFest Singapore - Singapore - Chris Schalk, Wesley Chun
Nov 13 - Google Developer Day Israel - Tel-Aviv - Michael Manoochehri
Nov 16 - Google DevFest Indonesia - Jakarta - Chris Schalk, Wesley Chun
Nov 19 - Google Developer Day Germany - Berlin - Michael Manoochehri, Wesley Chun

If these aren't close enough to you, keep an eye out on this list as we'll add new events and locations as they are scheduled. A calendar with all of Google's developer events is also available. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Posted by Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Google cloud Developer Relations team

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