Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Datastore client library for Python ready for a test drive

Last week we announced that App Engine has left preview and is now an officially supported product here at Google. And while the release (and the announcement) was chock-full of great features, one of the features that we’d like to call specific attention to is the new Datastore client library for Python (a.k.a “NDB”).

NDB has been under development for some time and this release marks its availability to a larger audience as an experimental feature. Some of the benefits of this new library include:
  • The StructuredProperty class, which allows entities to have nested structure
  • Integrated two-level caching, using both memcache and a per-request in-process cache
  • High-level asynchronous API using Python generators as coroutines (PEP 342)
  • New, cleaner implementations of Key, Model, Property and Query classes
The version of NDB contained in the 1.6.0 runtime and SDK corresponds to NDB 0.9.1, which is currently the latest NDB release.

Given that this feature is still experimental, it is subject to change, but that’s exactly why we encourage you to give it a test drive and send us any feedback that you might have. The NDB project hosted on Google Code is the best place to send this feedback. Happy coding!

Posted by Guido van Rossum, Software Engineer on the App Engine Team

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