Tuesday, December 13, 2011

App Engine 1.6.1 Released

We have one more release this year to make our developers merry, and while some members of our team enjoy the summer sunshine down under, we’ll be taking a short winter break from releases. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our normal schedule in January, but we couldn’t resist tempting you with some new features that will keep you up tinkering well past midnight on January 1st.

Platform Changes

  • Frontend Instance Classes - For applications that need more CPU and/or memory to serve requests, we’ve introduced two larger frontend instance classes. Before today, all apps were allocated a fixed instance size no matter what the app was computing in its requests. Now, apps that need more computing power can upgrade the size of their instances.
  • High Replication Datastore (HRD) Migration Tool Has Graduated - The HRD migration tool is now a fully supported feature. The tool allows you to easily migrate your data, limits the downtime required to complete the migration, and also allows you to choose its precise time. Every app can now start the new year off right, improving their uptime and reliability by migrating to HRD!
New APIs
  • Conversion API (Experimental) - Converting between formats within your application can be a pain, but with the experimental Conversion API you can now easily convert between PDF, HTML, text and images. Generating PDF invoices from HTML, displaying PDF menus as HTML or extracting text from images using OCR is now as simple as an API call.
  • Logs Reader API (Experimental) - Want to summarize latency by handler? Summarize request statistics by user? The new logs reader API allows you to programmatically access your logs to build reports, gather statistics, and analyze requests to your heart’s content.

Read the full release notes for Java and Python to get all the details on 1.6.1. We always love to hear what you think, so keep the feedback on our groups coming. App Engine releases will resume again with our regular schedule around the end of January.

Posted by The App Engine Team


immo said...

Conversion API sounds interesting.

jk said...

Where is the documentation of the new "log reader API"?

Anonymous said...

what about SSL support ?? How much do we need to wait ?

ali oygur said...


when appengine support python3 ?

Unknown said...

Conversion API, sounds like yet another great feature by the App Engine team...

I got a question though : How does it handle image tags in an HTML page you want to convert to PDF ?

Rogue Wind said...

Is this release available in prod yet? I've downloaded the release candidate for the GAE plugin with JPA 2.0 and it works fine when running it in dev but when I deploy it to prod, it fails trying to instantiate the PersistentProviderImpl.