Tuesday, January 31, 2012

App Engine 1.6.2 Released

Some of you may think of dragons as ferocious, treasure-hoarding, fire-breathing monsters. But the App Engine team is embracing the dragon as a symbol of fortune and good luck, and we are excited to announce our first release in the Year of the Dragon.

Experimental Datastore Backup/Restore
Using the Datastore Admin functionality in the Admin Console, you can now use the experimental Datastore Backup/Restore tool to backup your Datastore to Blobstore. You can also select a backup to restore from. The Datastore Backup/Restore feature runs as a MapReduce within your application and counts against your Instance, Datastore Ops, and Storage quotas.

Django® + Cloud SQL
For Python fans of Google’s Cloud SQL (currently available in limited preview), the long awaited out-of-the-box support for the Django framework has arrived and is now available as an experimental feature. Now you can easily use Cloud SQL within the Django framework as you would use any other SQL database.

...And More
Additional features available in 1.6.2 include:

  • Channel API: Developers can now specify how long a channel token will last until it expires, with the default remaining two hours. Channel API quota is now measured both in calls to create a channel and the number of hours of channel time requested.
  • Task Queues: A new X-Appengine-TaskETA header has been added which can be used to measure task delivery latency.
  • Blobstore: The Python API for the Blobstore now provides asynchronous API calls for creating upload URLs and fetching and deleting data.
The full list of our features and bug fixes can be found on our release notes (Java, Python). Join in the discussion about this release and all things App Engine related in our Google Group.

Posted by The App Engine Team


Sam said...

its cool. just download it.

Damian del Rivero Lagunes said...

what about SSL for custom domains?? I have applied many times for the tester preview and I still can't have access :(

Anonymous said...

@Damian You are not the only one. We finally got an EC2 amazon instance and configured it as reverse proxy. It sucks but there is no other choice!

Benjamin Sautner said...

thanks, backup to the blobstore is great. nimbits.com

Alberto Garcia Sanchez said...

nice but is backup incremental?