Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google Compute Engine launches, expanding Google’s cloud offerings

Today at Google I/O we were pleased to announce a new service, Google Compute Engine, to provide general purpose virtual machines (VMs) as part of our expanding set of cloud services. Google App Engine has been at the heart of Google’s cloud offerings since our launch in 2008, and we’re excited to begin providing developers more flexible, generalized VMs to complement our fully-managed, autoscaling environment. App Engine has been growing rapidly since leaving preview, and we’re excited about the benefits that Google Compute Engine brings to developers who want to combine the advantages of App Engine’s easy-to-use, scalable, managed platform with the flexibility of VMs.

If you are interested in using VMs with your App Engine applications in the future, let us know by signing up here.

- Posted by Peter S Magnusson, Engineering Director, Google App Engine Team

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