Monday, July 30, 2012

Announcing Google App Engine education awards

In addition to the startups and businesses we frequently highlight on our blog, we have seen educational institutions and their students build amazing applications, using Google App Engine as a platform for teaching and groundbreaking research.

Earlier this year we announced funding for researchers looking to use App Engine for scientific discovery. Today we are introducing the Google App Engine Education Awards to foster continued innovation from educational institutions in areas outside of research. Through this program we are inviting faculty members, initially from the United States, to submit proposals for using App Engine for their course development, educational research, university tools or for student projects. A selection of the proposals we receive will receive $1,000 in App Engine credits to assist in making the proposal a reality.

App Engine allows you to build scalable applications using the same technology that powers Google’s global-scale web applications. With no hardware to setup, App Engine makes it simple to learn how to write a simple web application or to build an application that handles millions of hits a day. If you haven’t already tried App Engine, we encourage you to download the SDK, follow the Getting Started Guide and take advantage of our free tier to deploy your first application.

If you teach at an accredited college, university or community college in the United States, we encourage you to apply. You can submit a proposal by filling out this form. Applications must be received by midnight PST August 31, 2012.

- Posted by the Google App Engine Team


pschaus said...

When do you extend it to other countries?

Surendra Sedhai said...
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Greg Linden said...

Curious why the restriction on "accredited college, university or community college in the United States"? I suspect there are many outside the US as well as early stage startups that would benefit from this. It costs Google little to broaden the reach.

@mekpro said...

Really interest in this project too. I am Master Student in Thailand ( and currently developing System Monitoring Tools based on AppEngine. Looking forward for further update :)