Wednesday, September 19, 2012

App Engine 1.7.2 Released

In addition to the usual crop of new features and improvements, the App Engine team spent a week this summer fixing bugs reported through our issue tracker. We fixed or closed out more than 130 bugs. Many of the fixes are included in this release.

App Admin
  • Paid applications can now upload more than 1GB of code and static files for their applications. Storage above the free quota of 1GB will be billed at $0.13/GB per month.

  • Java Threads is now a fully supported feature of the Java runtime.

Task Queue Statistics
We’ve added the ability to fetch Task Queue Statistics. This allows you to fetch statistics and information about your task queue from within your application. Statistics include information such as the number of tasks in a queue, how many tasks were executed in the last minute and enforced rate.

App Engine Sockets Trusted Tester Program
We are looking for trusted testers for outbound socket functionality in App Engine. Please fill out our signup form to tell us more about your use-case if you’re interested.

Wait! But what about those bug fixes?
The complete list of features and (a long list of) bug fixes for 1.7.2 can be found in our release notes. For App Engine coding questions and answers check us out on Stack Overflow, and for general discussion and feedback, find us on our Google Group.

- Posted by the Google App Engine Team


Anonymous said...

its a great news :)

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We're getting about 6 duplicate entries (with links to this page) on the LinkedIn "Google App Engine Developers" group for every one of these blog posts. (See, for example, )
I've been deleting the excess entries manually, but would like someone fix this. Who set up the automatic postings to LinkedIn?

Anonymous said...

What's about JDBC? Is JDBC (to connect to external RDBMS) going to be supported?

Anonymous said...

what about search ? I mean faceted search.