Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get started at no cost with a faster, larger Google Cloud SQL database

You want your application to be fast. Databases play a big role in your overall application speed and end-users’ experience. Reads and writes should execute instantly, even as your user base grows to millions of users, and this requires faster, larger databases

Google App Engine is designed to scale. And now Google Cloud SQL, a MySQL database that lives in Google’s cloud, is scaling up alongside App Engine to meet that demand for faster access to more data. With the features we are launching today, you can now work with bigger, faster MySQL databases in the cloud:

  • More Storage: We’re increasing the available storage on Cloud SQL to 100 GB - ten times more than before.
  • Faster Reads: We’re increasing the maximum size of instances to 16 GB RAM. This amounts to a 4 times increase in the amount of data you can cache.
  • Faster Writes: We’re adding optional asynchronous replication, which gives the write performance of a non-replicated database, but the availability of a replicated one.
  • EU datacenter availability: If you sign up to be a Premier customer, you can choose to store your data and run your Cloud SQL database instance in either our US or EU data centers.
  • Integration with Google Apps Script: We’re making it quick and easy for businesses using Google Apps to use Cloud SQL. Publish and share your data with Google Sheets, add data to your Google Sites pages or create simple Google Forms without worrying about hosting or configuring servers.

Introducing a new trial offer

We’ve received many requests from users for a trial offer to test out Cloud SQL. Today, we’re introducing a 6- month trial offer at no charge, effective until June 1, 2013, and will include one Cloud SQL instance with 0.5 GB of storage. Sign up now to get started.

Posted by Joe Faith, Product Manager, Google Cloud SQL


ziomy said...

You still need to have billing enabled in order to get started with this supposedly free trial. This is a far cry from the _really_ free quotas of the early Google APIs.

Unknown said...

Wow sir, this is GREAT...
i will try with sample.. :D

will try with free trial.

Kang DC said...

This amazing :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for the news.

If you want to read further about Google App Engine and which Strategy should a CxO apply if s/he want to embrace it?

Nawi Van said...

good news gan, great...