Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Google Cloud Platform case studies - including Angry Birds and more

One of the most rewarding parts of working on Google App Engine is seeing our developers create groundbreaking new applications on top of our infrastructure.  To help our current and prospective users gain insight into the vast array of these applications, we recently added a section to the Google Cloud Platform site with a collection of case studies.  Whether you’re interested in learning about how businesses are building on our platform or just looking for inspiration for your next project, we hope you find these pieces informative.

Creator of the blockbuster “Angry Birds” game series used App Engine when creating web versions of their game.  They were able to create customized versions of their game in just 2 weeks using App Engine, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities to grow their business.

TechCrunch Disrupt award-winning car sharing service used App Engine to build a marketplace connecting car owners to people looking to rent cars.  They scaled their product without adding additional staff.

MAG Interactive
Developer of mobile casual games, including the hit game Ruzzle, scaled their backend using App Engine.  They grew to over 5 million users, and experienced “no scalability issues at all.”

The Cloud Gate used App Engine to create nubbius, a software-as-a-service offering for lawyers to manage their workflow from anywhere.  They saved more than $130,000 per year while scaling rapidly.

Online travel agency used Google BigQuery to unify tens of thousands of bus schedules into a single booking operation.  They analyzed data sets as large as 2 TB in less than 30 seconds, and spent 80% less than they would have on a Hadoop infrastructure,

This is a sample of the many case studies we have on our site.  Check out cloud.google.com/customers to see the full list.  You can read about companies varying in size, industry, and use cases, who are using Google Cloud Platform to build their products and businesses.

- Posted by Zafir Khan, Product Marketing Manager

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